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Name: Kevin Steele | Chrono Harlaown
Age: 29
Appearance: Short dark hair, fairly tall. Dresses fairly sharply, although at times he takes the whole "dark and brooding" thing a little too literally, and he's got a trenchcoat he's not afraid to wear if it's cold or raining. Never dresses particularly casually. (Played by Hei from Darker than Black; Chrono doesn't actually show up often enough for me to build an icon set at anything near this age.)
Occupation: FBI agent, assigned to Locke to help sort out the whole numbered... thing.

Information and support: Application | Echoes | IC Contact | HMD

Notes: Kevin takes his job very, very seriously, and he has a (moderately) bad habit of going overboard. Stupid things done in his presence tend to have consequences, even if they're helpful in the long run.


Jul. 15th, 2014 09:38 am
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I'm familiar with Chrono, but Kevin makes enough changes that I'm still settling into his role a little bit. I'm open to advice on how I'm playing him, and if you've got concerns or suggestions, I'll take those too.

Like on my other journals, IP logging is off, comments are screened, and anon is on, but replies will be unscreened when replied to except by request, and always for anonymous comments. If you need something not to be seen, it needs to find me a different way, or you'll need to log in.
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Kevin is in play at [community profile] savetheearth!

OOC Information:
Name: MaxSalsa
Are you over 15? Aye.
Contact: [ profile] MaxSalsa
Current characters in the game: Winter Adamas (Rikka Hishikawa, Dokidoki Precure)

IC Information:
Name: Chrono Harlaown; reincarnated, Kevin Steele
Canon and Medium: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, all available media (preferring TV series over movies and games where they conflict; Chrono basically doesn't exist after StrikerS starts, so I'll let everyone else's decisions prevail there)
Age: Preincarnated: between fourteen and late twenties, depending on canon point. Reincarnated, 29.
Preincarnation Species: Human. Definitely human.
Preincarnation Appearance: Chrono, 14, circa the first movie.
Any Differences: Largely the same; his short hair is black now, but on the whole he looks rather crisp, and fairly tall, and more than a little imposing. Played by Hei from Darker than Black; I'll find a new PB if that canon joins the game.
Starting Location: Uh... let's go with Locke City.

I like words. )


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