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Application: Save the Earth

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OOC Information:
Name: MaxSalsa
Are you over 15? Aye.
Contact: [ profile] MaxSalsa
Current characters in the game: Winter Adamas (Rikka Hishikawa, Dokidoki Precure)

IC Information:
Name: Chrono Harlaown; reincarnated, Kevin Steele
Canon and Medium: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, all available media (preferring TV series over movies and games where they conflict; Chrono basically doesn't exist after StrikerS starts, so I'll let everyone else's decisions prevail there)
Age: Preincarnated: between fourteen and late twenties, depending on canon point. Reincarnated, 29.
Preincarnation Species: Human. Definitely human.
Preincarnation Appearance: Chrono, 14, circa the first movie.
Any Differences: Largely the same; his short hair is black now, but on the whole he looks rather crisp, and fairly tall, and more than a little imposing. Played by Hei from Darker than Black; I'll find a new PB if that canon joins the game.
Starting Location: Uh... let's go with Locke City.

Preincarnated History: Chrono on the Nanoha Wiki; it's a good resource for a lot of related stuff, but Chrono's specific history is a little weak. So, let's talk about Chrono Harlaown. I am going to be pulling pieces of this from prior apps, namely an application to Drama Drama Duck that I wrote some time ago. Fair warning, Nanoha's mainline canon spans three TV series and two manga, so buckle in. We're going to be here for a bit.

Chrono is an officer of the law from the far-off realm of Midchilda, which is the home of the Time-Space Administration Bureau (the TSAB or the Bureau, for short), the organization his service oath is to. The Bureau is not unlike a magical law-enforcement agency, which serves across dimensions and exists basically to protect the untrained and unknowing, from both themselves and any bad seeds that may try to pull something. One of their primary missions is the sealing and safe storage, regulation, and disposal of ancient artifacts called Lost Logia, which originate from a civilization known as Al Hazred that destroyed itself long ago. Lost Logia are varied and highly dangerous in almost all cases. The Nanohaverse achieves magic through a combination of technology and natural talent, and so it possesses starships and various other high tech alongside an otherwise normal Earth circa the late 90s.

Chrono's parents are both officers as well; his mother's a captain on her way to being an admiral, and his father... well. Clyde Harlaown captained a ship himself, the Hestia. During a case involving a particularly dangerous Lost Logia, the Book of Darkness, something went wrong, and the Book began to take over the Hestia, its crew mostly evacuating but Clyde staying behind to ensure the Book didn't try anything. When the Book proceeded to online the Hestia's Arc-en-ciel magicannon in a bid to blow other ships out of existance, Clyde gave the order to the captain of the nearest ship to destroy the Hestia. The captain of that ship complied, and Clyde was dispersed into atoms among the stars; the Book was presumed destroyed. Chrono, then, was raised by his mother since he was three. He made friends among his parents' fellow officers and their acquaintances, and he learned magic. He befriended an admiral by the name of Gil Graham, and Graham's twin cat familiars, Aria and Lotte Liese. As it turned out, Graham was the captain of the other ship that destroyed the Hestia, and felt he should at least try to make amends for what he saw as a failure, taking Chrono's magical training into his own hands, with the help of the twins. And some time later, Chrono enlisted to the Bureau, joining the naval service to follow his parents' legacies.

He spends much of his teenage years as an Enforcer, something like an ordinary police officer; he exists to investigate possible misuses of magic and is a first responder if something comes up. To this end, he travels dimensional space to patrol for such abuse aboard his mother Lindy's ship, the Asura. Chrono's travels brought him into range of Unadministrated World #97, locally known as Earth. While in Earth orbit, the Asura detects a series of strong magical signatures; these are the Jewel Seeds, twenty-one Lost Logia that form a set, and whose combined power is astronomical. Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa are, for different reasons, searching for and collecting the Jewel Seeds as he arrives in orbit. Considering the power of the Lost Logia in question, Chrono is forced to act and attempt to gather information and stop the girls from pursuing the Seeds. Over the course of several weeks, Chrono is able to bring Nanoha in line with the Bureau's stance of collecing the Jewel Seeds for safekeeping, while Fate is against the Bureau, needing the Jewel Seeds for her own reasons. The two girls clash repeatedly, ending in a massive battle on the outskirts of the city, which Nanoha barely wins, and Fate is taken into Bureau custody. The Jewel Seeds, which Nanoha won in the battle, were stolen by Fate's mother, Precia Testarossa, and transported to her base, an island suspended in dimensional space known as the Garden of Time. The Asura, along with Nanoha, attacks the Garden of Time in a bid to take the Jewel Seeds back before Precia can create an instability in space-time. Precia reveals she was collecting the Jewel Seeds through Fate to revive her daughter, Alicia Testarossa, whom Fate is a magically-created clone of; the technology that created Fate is highly illegal, giving Chrono yet another reason to bring her in, but Precia has enough Jewel Seeds to open a hole in space-time, trying to reach Al Hazred for a chance to resurrect Alicia. Precia jumps into the null between dimensions, taking Alicia with her, and causing the Garden to collapse, the Bureau force only barely escaping before it sank into the null space Precia had created, which collapsed on itself afterward.

After the Garden of Time incident, Nanoha elected to remain on Earth with her family; Chrono formally arrested Fate for her role in the incident, though he assured the girls Fate's charges would be light and she probably wouldn't face jail time. After a tearful (on the girls' parts; Chrono will assert he was stoic the whole time) departure, the Asura returns to Bureau HQ for Fate's trial.

Several months later, Fate's trial is ending; true to Chrono's word, he's convinced the court to limit her sentence to a minimum: a few years' mandatory Bureau service, supervised by Lindy and Chrono, with the option to enlist of her own volition at basically any time. Fate accompanies Chrono aboard the Asura back to Earth to tell Nanoha the good news. When they arrive, however, they find a powerful and unfamiliar barrier going up in Uminari, Nanoha's hometown; Fate manages to force her way in through sheer power, but Chrono is stuck aboard the Asura. The girls do battle with several mysterious women using melee weapons as their magical Devices, breaking all known rules of Device construction as they know it, but are losing badly. Both girls' Devices are seriously damaged by the women, pushed nearly to shattering. When it seems the girls are finally getting their feet under them and are starting their counterattack, Nanoha finds her Linker Core, the source of her magic, being drained by another of the warriors from a distance. A desperate final spell from Nanoha shatters the barrier and sends the women fleeing, but she is seriously injured as a result. To make matters worse, as the women escape, Chrono gets a glimpse of something one of them is holding, and his world gets just a little colder as he realizes they're the servants of the Book of Darkness: the Wolkenritter, an ancient order of knights that protect the Book, revived again.

To take on this latest Book of Darkness incident, Chrono and Lindy move into an apartment in Uminari, not far from Nanoha's home, and bring Fate with them. Fate is enrolled in Nanoha's school, while Chrono and Lindy (along with Amy Limietta, one of Chrono's close friends and a bridge bunny aboard the Asura) work surveillance. The girls' Devices are also repaired and, at the Devices' insistence, upgraded with cartridge systems to match the ones found in the Wolkenritter's Devices. Lindy and Chrono take the Asura back to HQ briefly for refit, installing an Arc-en-ciel magicannon on a front mount. While they are away getting the refit and doing some research, the Wolkenritter attack again, this time draining Fate's Linker Core. Chrono's return comes just before Christmas Eve, as the girls discover the master of the Book: Hayate Yagami, their close friend. After a battle with the Wolkenritter, two masked men appear with the Book and drain the Wolkenritter, causing them to cease to exist, and trap Nanoha and Fate in a crystal cage, disguising themselves as Nanoha and Fate and bringing Hayate out of her hospital bed to witness the last of her knights' possessions blown away on the wind. She snaps and the Book activates, its automated defense coming online just as the real Nanoha and Fate escape. The defense program proceeds to attack the girls in a bid to destroy the city, claiming it's Hayate's wish. Hayate, for her part, is trying to understand what's going on, and attempts to reassert her control over the Book as its mistress. Fate is sucked into a pocket dimension within the Book, and just as Nanoha starts to charge up her strongest attack with her upgraded Device, Hayate finally gets control back; a single good shot will release her. Nanoha's Excelion Buster does the trick, and Fate is freed as the defense program is subdued, Hayate finally escaping and the Book returning to its true form: the Tome of the Night Sky. Hayate takes the breather to recreate her knights, but just as they are reunited, the defense program leaves one last nasty surprise: it assumes another form and begins attacking the city once more, and will have to be put down by force. Luckily, the girls are good at putting things down by force, as is Chrono using his new toy - a Sealing Device obtained from Graham called Durandal, which was intended to encase the Book in permafrost and trap it in a pocket dimension somewhere deep in space. The same spell works handily for offense, though, and Chrono adds Eternal Coffin to the showcase of attacks from the gathered group of mages. The core of the defense program is sent into space, and utterly destroyed by a shot from the Asura's Arc-en-ciel.

The fallout from the Book of Darkness incident is somewhat more significant than the aftermath of the Garden of Time incident. Hayate is arrested, as her knights were operating on her behalf, though not under her orders (and in fact against her will), though like Fate, her sentence will probably be light. Of more concern is the paralysis in her legs, though Shamal, the doctor of the Wolkenritter, assures her that the paralysis was a function of the Book's corruption, and will reverse itself in time. Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate all choose to enlist in the Bureau, and several relatively peaceful years pass. Chrono is promoted to Admiral and given command of his mother's ship, the Asura, as Lindy retires. He marries Amy, who still serves on his ship, and will go on to bear him two children over the next several years, twins Karel and Liera. And he's around to witness several big changes over the next several years: Nanoha being gravely injured on a mission, to the point where she has to learn to walk again; Fate becoming a senior Enforcer; and ten years after the conclusion of the Book of Darkness incident, the formation of Riot Force Six, Hayate's own special task force against certain unique cases. Over the years the girls have become extremely powerful, and have entered legend as the navy's three Aces, and when the three take the upper positions of Riot Force Six, they are put under power limiters to restrict them in peacetime. Hayate holds authorization over Nanoha and Fate's limiters; Chrono and one other person hold authorization over hers.

Unfortunately, Chrono's relevance to the MGLN main canon basically ends here; even though he's an admiral, Chrono's place is generally in his chair, at the Bureau's headquarters. He still commands a ship, Claudia, but he doesn't have the freedom to move at will anymore. Of course, even though he can't readily fight anymore, he's still a force to be reckoned with, and he's making big waves with his policies among the other departments. He just doesn't get to go out and work off steam by beating on criminals.

That means he's not really helping at all when the Saint's Cradle incident goes down on Cranagan. A young girl, who happens to be the artificially-created reincarnation of Saint King Olivie, escapes from her creator, and is recovered by Riot Force Six, a Lost Logia response team organized and run by Hayate Yagami, and featuring Nanoha and Fate as the lead strike force. Nanoha and Fate lead teams of forwards that they're training to better combat Lost Logia incidents, but when crisis breaks out over the artificial girl, Vivio, it turns into a bloody battle that leaves RF6's headquarters, Long Arch, destroyed. Vivio is captured, and forced to power a massive Lost Logia called the Saint's Cradle, which is a huge warship that draws power from one of the Saint King's bloodline. Vivio, who has had a magical Relic implanted into her on top of everything else, is forced onto the Cradle's throne, and is used to begin an attack run that could end with the Bureau's entire headquarters razed to the ground. It falls to RF6 to destroy the Cradle before it reaches orbit; the team has a rough time of it, considering the anti-magic field covering the whole thing, but at the end of the day, Nanoha dumps a full five Starlight Breakers onto Vivio. Ordinarily, this much power would be enough to carve a hole most of the way through a planet's crust, but Nanoha only manages to stun her with it - no notable damage, just the stun - and seals Vivio's Relic, cuts through the Cradle with another beam to destroy its operator, and gets everyone out alive. The mastermind of the operation, Jail Scaglietti - a mad scientist whose creations include combat cyborgs and Project F, the latter of which was responsible for Fate - was captured and sentenced to trial. The entire affair is referred to in his name, as a series of events set into motion by his schemes were what caused the entire incident in the first place.

Of course, this puts Nanoha in even worse shape than she was the last time she pushed herself too far, and she's put on mandatory leave from the Bureau for several years. This works out, because Nanoha adopts Vivio as her own daughter, and takes the time to raise her on Cranagan, with her friends to help. Vivio, over the next several years, begins to mature and make friends of her own, and become possibly even scarier than her mother. Time passes; Riot Force Six is disbanded, and Nanoha returns to Bureau service. Chrono takes on ever more responsibility, and sees his friends even less than before, though it's a necessary price for the safety of dimensional space.

Six years pass after the JS incident. Nanoha's daughter, Vivio, comes into her own as a mage, and a minor crisis is averted handily by the separate forces that were formerly assigned to Riot Force 6. But a new crisis begins to stir. A series of small incidents, linked together by a tome: the Bible of Silver Cross. On one side, Hayate and the once-more joined forces of RF6, now Special Duty Section 6, searching for the Bible to seal it and stop the chaos it raises. On the other, a young man named Thoma, who finds the Bible and befriends the Strosek that inhabits it, gaining its favor and power. And set against both forces, the Huckebeins, a number of powerful beings with magical capability to rival even Nanoha's immense power. The result is yet another incident that requires the talents of the Bureau's Aces to defuse. (Force, the most recent "season" of Nanoha, is still running - we've not seen Chrono yet, but in any event it's safe to say canon is still developing.)

(The umbrella of Nanoha canon includes several official AUs I won't be including the stories of: Battle of Aces and Gears of Destiny, the PSP games, create some interesting and potentially dangerous contradictions; Innocent is an outright AU where everyone does battle via a card game; and the movies that summarize the first two seasons are actually movies ICly, with actors playing Nanoha and the others, and Nanoha herself on the production team to supervise. Everything else is fair game - the first three TV seasons, the manga side stories, Vivid, and what we have of Force. That said, Chrono's involvement pretty much stops at the end of A's, aside from a mention in the epilogue to A's, a couple of cameo appearances in StrikerS, and I think he shows up in Sound Stage X, the audio drama I haven't read through yet but that doesn't really contribute much to him.)

Reincarnated History: Kevin has a rather less dramatic backstory to leverage compared to Chrono. He grew up in a small town in Virginia, not far from the nation's capital. In a place like that, a person is bound to be exposed to all types of people, and aside from the better sorts, there were plenty of things that he learned weren't quite so pleasant. And he started to form an opinion when a string of robberies in his apartment complex, when he was seven, started turning bloody. First an older lady, then one of his friends from school, then another friend's mother... there was quite a string, and it took some time before it ended. But even when that chain of tragedies finally stopped, it wasn't like there wasn't another shortly after. And another, and another. He began to recognize that the world wasn't a nice place, and that even the nicest people could find themselves in trouble. But there wasn't a way to fight them at their own game. No, that was that the police were for.

All through middle and high school, Kevin was the sort of person that was almost annoyingly straight-laced. Didn't do anything bad, raised questions to make sure of what he was doing, questioned things that were against the grain. He excelled in his classes because he wanted to make something of himself. And he slowly gained notice as someone exceptional. His school life progressed in this way, largely uneventful but with a record of success, and an undercurrent of tension as everything continued its spiral of unpleasant realities. He took an interest in justice, hoping he could make his home safe for his mother and his two older sisters; his father had died in military service when he was four or five, and Kevin doesn't really remember him, although he'd left a legacy behind all the same. He'd served for two decades, bouncing between different roles as he went, and he'd made a name for himself as a distinguished officer, even if work called him to different posts infrequently. His specialties were in tactics and intelligence analysis, and while his work wouldn't put him in the history books, it might get him a mention or two in a military history text, and the Steele name held more than a little sway in the community. He was well-respected by his entire family, immediate and extended, and by the community he'd left behind, both at work and around the house. Kevin had never wanted for attention after his father's death; he was rarely alone.

High school came and went. Kevin was in the top two percent of his class. His bright future was matched only by his passion for "the right thing," and it was no surprise when he went to college for a degree in criminal justice. It was a surprise when he suddenly vanished, midway through his senior year... possibly in connection with his eldest sister, Lisa, also vanishing. He'd learned enough by that point to have something resembling a chance to search for her, but... unfortunately, he never managed to find her. Disheartened, he returned to college and finished his degree, and when he had it in hand, he had one place in mind. He'd had his sights set on the FBI for some time, but the disappearance had set it in stone. There were precious few other places he could hope to ever have the resources to search for her, and this was his chance. Justice was personal, now, and work was a means to that end.

Kevin's searching didn't turn up as much as he'd like; his initial "investigation" was little more than following up on the police's original leads, and being more willing to push. Being family didn't hurt either. When Lisa was taken, she'd been walking from her car to work, only a block or two; the leads differed slightly on the vehicle that had taken her, either a black van or a dark blue SUV. Between two and four men, probably armed, got out, grabbed her, and dragged her back into the vehicle, kicking and screaming, and they made their escape, all in the space of about sixty seconds. The license plate hadn't really been worth much, either. In short, he had little to work on. He didn't have anything on motive, either; Lisa was highly-placed in a law firm in Washington, but not so highly-placed that someone would need to disappear her. His only thought was that perhaps she'd seen something she shouldn't have.

That wasn't... really enough to go on, and while Kevin's mother, Brianna, had access to a formidable amount of money, it wasn't enough to travel the coast searching for answers. She wasn't really happy about how he'd left almost without a trace, either; he would drop off the map for a few days, before he'd check in, share anything he'd learned, and update his mother on his finances. Then it would all start again. She didn't see him the whole time he was gone, and it bothered her, but... she couldn't really object. Not when he was looking for his precious sister, even if it felt some days like she'd lost both of them, which didn't really help matters at all. Jenny, his other sister (older than Kevin, younger than Lisa), worried too, but she also had a severe fear of the same thing happening to her, and there'd been some changes on the whole. Brianna had needed sleeping pills, Jenny antidepressants, and Kevin had managed with just traveling to find his answers. He'd been living in efficiency suites, week to week, moving as his investigation took him to new places, never really settling in, never taking a break to see the sights or relax a little. He got as far as North Carolina before he was forced to give up and return to his studies. He began to store everything he learned in notebooks, just in case he needed to refer back to something, or if he needed to check something against a new piece of evidence.

His diligence and tireless spirit got him far in a fairly short time, and he'd gained a surprising amount of seniority in the six years before the events in Locke City began, and the Bureau decided it needed one (or more) representatives. Of course, others got the spot first, but as the situation escalated, it was clear that a stronger presence was required. In the middle of May, the Bureau gave Kevin his marching orders, and it had been a simple matter to pick up his few remaining roots and transplant to Locke. He moved into a small one-bedroom apartment on the outskirts of the business district on the first of June, and he's been establishing a baseline and working out how to proceed from here.

His investigation hasn't progressed as much as he'd like, either - he'd tracked down a few vehicles matching the witnesses' descriptions, that had been in the area, and hadn't really gotten much of worth out of the search. He had a few groups he wanted to look into, but just not enough to really make a case together. He still searches, and still runs through the information he has access to during his spare time. But as more time passes, he's starting to lose hope. Still, he's come too far to give up. There are gangs and organized crime he has yet to question, and more vehicles to cross-check, and more things to dissect out of the witness accounts, and security camera footage to investigate, and people of interest he wants to talk to, and...

First Echo: Kevin found himself caught in the blackouts shortly after they began; he doesn't like to admit it, but even his iron grip on his emotions slipped a bit, and he hurriedly made his way out of the building he'd ended up in before he could suffer more than the Echo - his Linker Core, the source of his magic - and a strange whisper in the air he didn't feel like questioning. Without actually knowing any magic, or having a Device, having Chrono's Linker Core is useless, although it means characters that can detect magic will have a positive reaction from him.

Preincarnation Personality: Chrono's position as an Enforcer means he is the rules. The law is very specific, and if there's a discrepancy, he has to sit on the sidelines - or worse, arrest everyone. So he tends to be very, very strict on doing everything by the book. If you're trying to do something and it's against the rules, not only is he going to be against it, he's going to spend some time arguing with you and trying to change your mind. It's not that he doesn't actually want to help people; he just has to be careful about it, and he's going to hold you to your plan, although if you can fit him in somewhere, he'll be more than happy to help you out.

There's a caveat there, though - there are more than a few loopholes in the law, and clever manipulation of them can get you a plan that should not work, but does. That will earn you one of Chrono's rare evil grins, and business will be taken care of. Beyond that, though, Chrono knows full well that he has control of some of the most terrifying forces in the whole of the Bureau, and once his hands are no longer tied, anything that needs to be destroyed will disappear in a multi-colored wash of energy. He has to wait until exactly the right moment, but the ability not to make rash decisions is what got him to flag rank in the first place.

Outside of his policy management quirks, Chrono is a little cold and definitely strict to most people he meets. He'll get the work done, but he's not here to be your friend; he's here to do business, and you'd do well to remember it. As he gets to know someone, though, he's a little more approachable, and less of a hardass. He'll still be a little argumentative, but he means well (usually). One of his specialties is intelligence; he'll always have a briefing for you on whatever the mission will entail, and if he doesn't know, he'll make it his job to find out. This goes double for the kinds of things he ends up having on his desk later in canon, where his power level drops out of the equation for being insignificant compared to the Bureau's Aces. He's one of the few officers that will bother to check the Infinity Library for information himself, though if he happens to have access to a dedicated researcher (let alone his personal data ferret), he's not above delegating the work.

In a combat situation, Chrono prioritizes the mission above all else, and won't waste a whole lot of time on friendlies unless he needs to. He'll still rescue downed members if something happens during the mission, but he's not going to bail out an overwhelmed member on his own initiative, unless the loss of that member is imminent. He generally prefers to give orders and strike from an overwatch role than to get in close. His Device, S2U, gives Chrono the ability to generates shields to turn strikes aside (aside from other things; see below), which makes him a good choice for holding the command center. No matter what, though, he'll do what he has to do to make sure the mission is a success.

In contrast to this, though, he'll make a point of protecting his family, his close friends, and anyone that is lucky enough to have earned his respect. That's a short list, even in late canon: Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate, the latter's knights, the former's daughter, his mother Lindy, his wife Amy, his children, his nominal comrade from the Jewel Seed case Yuuno... and not terribly much beyond that. If there's somoene he has a mission to defend or fight alongside, he'll do it, but it takes time for him to really connect with someone new to an extent where they'll register on the list of things he's worried about.

It's probably worth noting that Chrono takes to leadership well; Clyde was a strong leader before him, and Lindy was surprisingly charismatic aboard the Asura. Given the chance, he'll step into a leadership role fairly quickly, and he'll mentor anyone needing guidance that happens to be around. As time passes, Chrono's role in the Bureau puts him in charge of thousands of men, and while he regrets having to spend so much time on the bigger picture, he doesn't shirk the work. Ships need individuals to crew them, and each of those people is precious to the organization, even if he doesn't have the time - or the patience - to tell them so. He also generally doesn't believe in letting people sit on their problems, if there's something he can do. He's not the best at interpersonal relationships, but nothing stops him from trying.

Any Differences: Kevin doesn't have the benefit of two parents that gave their lives (one literally) to the space navy to give him the absurd level of diligence that he ends up with even as a teenager, but he's still a fairly down-to-earth person, and he works hard at everything he does. Unfortunately, he perhaps goes a little bit overboard in that respect. When he's set on a task, he plows through it without stopping, and while he'll happily consider all the options, "not doing anything" isn't one of them. At least, not until he became part of an organization where "not doing anything" is an important part of the playbook. He's still learning on that one, but it seems to be going well, at least.

In exchange, Kevin is perhaps even more of a tactician than Chrono was. He takes time to really reason out what's going on, and tries to keep the big picture in mind. One of his particular skills is keeping a detailed mental whiteboard of what's going on, what's connected, and what needs to be resolved; a physical representation of such board is generally in whatever living or working space he has, to help keep everything organized. He takes good notes whenever he has to talk to someone, and keeps both a paper notepad and a smartphone with a notetaking app and secure backups so he never loses anything. It doesn't happen often, but occasionally a notepad (or a phone) will find its way through the wash with the coat it was in.

Duty can take Kevin to some weird places, and he unfortunately has issues relaxing. He knows how to take some time for himself, but his mind is rarely far from work. Every room could hold a threat, or a clue. Every person could be the lead that breaks something wide open. Anything could be important. It's hard for Kevin to really switch that off; his colleagues call him a workaholic, while he just refers to it as being prepared. Of course, on the rare occasions he does find something out while he's supposed to be taking a break, he's polite enough to only rub it in their faces a little.

Notable in a different way, Kevin is quite a bit less trusting than Chrono, and has marginally less faith in the people around him to be reasonable, both owing to Lisa's disappearance. He still searches for her in his free time, but every day a little bit more of his hope drains away. He clings to work because it's what's keeping him going; he's been trying not to get too attached since he could be pulled away at any time, but he's got a sinking feeling Locke is going to be a time-consuming case, and it's forcing him to let his guard down just a little bit. He's not going to get anywhere with the locals if he can't associate with them meaningfully. It'll push Lisa back even further, but... if she's still out there, she's a strong woman. She can take care of herself for a little bit longer. He believes that with all his being, even if he has to remind himself on occasion.

Kevin's Numbered status is a little bit more than he bargained for, though. He was expecting to end up involved in the mess somehow, but this wasn't quite prepared to actually have all these past memories flowing in, and it's distracting. It'll be worse once he starts to get back Chrono's memories of his father's loss aboard Hestia and he realizes his past self wasn't any better than he was, but that's a little bit in the future. Right now, he's just wondering if this is going to be worth all the hassle he has a feeling will be in front of him. The answer seems to be "maybe" but it's teetering on the edge every day.

Taking time off to go on his little clue hunt had some ill effects on Kevin's personality in general, and his relationships with his family. Brianna, his mother, took it hard; she'd already been reeling from Lisa vanishing into thin air, and Kevin's sudden appearance at home to pack a bag and announce he was going pushed her right to the edge. He'd flatly ignored all of her concerns, not wanting to let himself get talking into staying, but she's been a little more distant with him ever since, and he worries more than ever about her now that he's working for one of the most well-known enforcement organizations in the world. Jenny took it even worse, retreating into herself for days, and jittery for a long time after. She'd been afraid to leave her house for weeks, and she never really traveled alone anymore. Kevin leaving had only made it worse, and she called what seemed like every night to talk about what he'd found, and make sure he was all right. She patently wasn't all right herself, though, and Kevin regrets that to this day. She still worries over him regularly, too, even if it's from a distance, and not as severe.

Abilities: At times, the Nanoha wiki is like reading a pen-and-paper RPG sourcebook; still, it's quite a bit better than nothing. There are a couple main points worth touching on here.

Chrono's Barrier Jacket is the mage's first line of defense. It's a garment composed of pure magic and drawn up basically at will; typically it's hardened by access to a Device's power management, and it'll stop quite a bit. Generally, though, it's a matter of body armor, not damage prevention, in the interest of low power drain. Low-grade attacks will be almost entirely stopped, if not outright prevented; stronger blows will be blunted, but the force will still get through. Anything with significant knockback will also still throw the unfortunate subject some distance. Multiple or exceptionally powerful shots put the Jacket at risk of collapsing; some mages have answers for that in the form of a reactive spell that detonates what remains of the Jacket, but Chrono doesn't. If a Barrier Jacket goes down, it takes some time to bring it back up. We're generally talking minutes, but if the armor is blown severely, it'll take longer to recompose it, and while it's down, all damage goes straight through. Chrono wears his at all times while on duty as a matter of course; it's not unlike a black trenchcoat with shoulder spikes and Bureau patches. (We've never seen Chrono put on a Barrier Jacket once he's not 14 anymore, so we don't know what his adult Jacket looks like, but we do know that Nanoha's changed over the ten years beween A's and StrikerS, so it's not unreasonable to assume Chrono's did as well. More than likely, it just grew to fit him.)

Chrono is, of course, a mage, and has access to magic. He can cast on his own, and is fairly skilled, in exchange for a lower level of power - he can't compensate for shielding and blocked line of sight by just dumping more power into the buster spell. This is mitigated somewhat by his Devices; over the course of the franchise, he has two. Devices are computers built in the shape of weapons, and allow a mage to cast spells more readily, and with simpler control. I could go on for a while about Device design, but suffice to say that both of Chrono's Devices are Midchildan in style, meaning they're meant for longer-range casting rather than direct combat, and they're both Storage Devices, trading the automatic actions and advisory capacity of an Intelligent Device away for a faster cast time across the board, and a little more efficiency. S2U is his primary Device, which he has from the beginning of the show on through to current canon. It's a black staff almost as tall as Chrono is, with an ice-blue cylinder at its head. Almost all of Chrono's iconic spells come from here: Blaze Cannon, a long-range wide-bore beam; Stinger Blade, a series of icy-blue projectiles in the shape of swords; Stinger Snipe, a small projectile not unlike a sniper round that is terrifyingly fast and has pinpoint accuracy; and Struggle Bind, a spell that restricts a target's movement totally, along with dispelling any enchantments on it.

However, that's not enough power for the Book of Darkness case; Chrono liberates the Device that Gil Graham has been working on for his master plan to seal the Book, named Durandal, after the legendary sword. Durandal is a Sealing Device on top of its other designations; it's intended to lock down something that's rampaging, and the Book definitely qualifies. It adds one spell to his repertoire, but it's a big one: Eternal Coffin. Eternal Coffin is a spell with a long setup time that is intended to wrap something in ice that never melts and can never be escaped, sealing the target inside and inhibiting its magical functions. The original intent was to freeze the Book into an iceberg and move it into a pocket of distant space, but Chrono ends up using it a little differently, and since the Bureau isn't in the habit of giving weapons to inmates, he still has Durandal even after the Book is dealt with. Durandal is slightly stronger than S2U, and can invoke all the same spells S2U can. It's also easier to wield; it's a short staff, barely longer than Chrono's arm, with a more diamond-shaped head, and a blue diamond-shaped jewel in the back of its head. Durandal refers to Chrono as "Boss".

Aside from those spells, there are some things most mages can do just as a function of being a mage; shielding is one of them, as is flight. Flight, in particular, comes so naturally to Chrono that he doesn't really need a spell for it - he just wills it and it happens, though he still can't fly in an anti-magic field. Chrono's shields are average; they're not his specialty, but they get the job done. The same applies to his flight; his adopted sister Fate can break the sound barrier, but Chrono settles for good, balanced flight with easy control.

All mages draw power from their Linker Core, described as the next best thing to a human organ in the Nanohaverse. Everything has one, it's just terribly weak in non-magical beings. A strong Linker Core is the key to strong magic, and it's the power source for a mage's spells. A Linker Core can't be removed without killing the host, but it can be drained by certain sources, most notably the Book of Darkness. Using all your power feels like being tired after a long day's work; having it drained is like being sick for a week. Power recovers with rest, but being drained needs time to heal, and it's less easy the older you are.

And while it's not a power in and of itself, we should probably talk about Chrono's dimensional cruisers. Over his career, he gains command of two starships capable of traveling dimensional space and ending up somewhere else rather quickly. The first, Asura, was his mother's command before it was his, but when she retired to Earth, he took up the chair. It's his ship for several years, until he makes flag rank. By the time he makes admiral, the Asura is about ready to be decommissioned and either put in a museum somewhere or scrapped and melted down. That ship goes on to be the temporary base for Hayate's team, Riot Force Six, after Long Arch is razed during the Saint's Cradle incident. Chrono, meanwhile, has his own command seat: Claudia, the latest model cruiser, and a fit command for someone with his distinguished service record. Asura is fitted with an Arc-en-ciel, an antimatter cannon with a huge range and an effective radius of dozens of miles from the point of impact. Everything hit with its blast is... basically gone. However, the Bureau - and Chrono himself - doesn't like to use it on populated areas because of the severe risk of collateral damage and loss of life.

Roleplay Sample - Third Person:
It's hard, having to deal with something like this. He thought, when he took the assignment a month and a half ago, he knew what it would mean. Surveillance on crazies that had powers from "other selves," the intelligence insisted. Sure, he'd seen some of the powers firsthand - it was hard not to, when they'd been all over the television in March.

But no. This was beyond his expectations, and it made him more than a little angry. Especially now that he'd been dragged into it himself. The numbers meant he was one of them, they'd said, and everything pointed to that being true. That meant two things. One, he was going to have to really pay attention to his work from here on - if he was "numbered" himself, he couldn't afford to make his life difficult by pissing off someone important.

Two... he wasn't going to have as much time for his searching, and he couldn't leave the city for it. Lisa remained as pressing a matter as she was when she first disappeared, several years ago now. His once-a-month weekend trips to follow leads weren't going to happen at this point. Not if he'd lose his link to these people while he was gone - he can't do his job very well if he loses access to the network in the middle.

A fist slams into the coffeehouse table, every head swiveling to look at him as the thud echoes across the shop. After a few seconds, he picks up his coffee, chair coming back quickly, and stands, turning to leave. Really, this suits him fine. If he's going to take his work with him when he goes searching, it would probably be better to leave it for a little while, anyway. No need to frighten Lisa when he finally finds her because he has to worry about what the stupid brats did this week.

The bell jingles as the door opens, and he mumbles an apology into the room that nobody hears. As he walks out, everyone returns to their previous business, save for a couple of folks starting to gossip. That suits him fine, too. He's not here to make friends. He's here to get a job done, so he can get a job of his own done. That's all that matters now.

What kind of involvement would you like your character to have in Save the Earth? Kevin is... going to be a little weird. He's going to want to be involved in all the things because it's his job, on some level, and he doesn't mind getting short with the "locals" because it's part of the territory, and because he's (privately) terrified of what some of these people can do. But at the same time... as time passes, a combination of Chrono's dedication to his own service oaths and a slow desire to really push his vested interest in the network itself (now that he's part of it) will drive him to really care about these people because he wants to. It's going to take a while, but eventually Kevin is (ideally!) going to become a force for justice that will help the poor numbered have a better lot in life. More realistically, of course, he's going to be terribly nosy and step in where he probably isn't wanted, but that also comes with the territory. Kevin also still has searching to do for his sister, and if that's something that can be leveraged into the plot - maybe someday involving a reappearance linked to a numbered person, perhaps culminating in a guest app and a plotline, or some other function along those lines - then I'd be totally up for that. Of course, it'll probably just be me rolling up random new leads for him every few weeks that may or not get him any closer. Realistically, the only way he'll find her is if he gets something really helpful, or she's actually been in Locke this whole time.

Roleplay Sample - Network: Kevin on the Test Drive, which has one particularly good network prompt and a thread below it.

Any Questions? The only big things with Kevin are the whole "we have awesome magic that you can develop new spells for if you can work out the math" thing that's inherent to Nanohaverse spellcasting, and then the FBI career that's prominently featured. I have no issues using Kevin as a mouthpiece, but let me know if I'm overdoing it.